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Give That Monkey a Megaphone!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

...Of Blogs, Branding and (No) Baloney

A new website brings so many benefits and bonuses to a brand experience (see a very brief description of "brand experience" in the inset below) including refreshed messaging and new opportunity to present, inform and impress. Features like active chat (got it!), direct email (got it), news and social media updates (them, too) are all signifcant additions that add character and content to an online presence.

And then there's a blog...

“Brand experience is similar to a first date. You know those feelings: trepidation, butterflies, excitement, anxiety, curiousity, the hope you don't have a little spinach in your teeth...yup, all that and more.”

Now, I've blogged before. I've written articles, contributed on others, and edited even more – all the time – covering everything from food industry topics to political opinions. They can be great informational and resource tools, help debunk or solidify critical thinking and opinions, and even assist in the greater good of humanity. Or, they can try to sell you stuff that you don't need or let you know all about the dinner that the author had the night before and the best aioei for a fried bologna sandwich.

The latter is the kind blog you won't read from me (although I do love me a good double cheeseburger now and again!). That being the case, it doesn't mean that these writings will be "all business." Sure, there are things that I've learned over the course of 30 years in the branding and communications business which will definitely assist even the most seasoned pros in the field, and some of that will definitely be passed along. But I plan on conveying some deep thoughts, some news, some (look out) opinions, and maybe even some inspirational missives every once in a while.

Blogging provides a voice and personality. It definitely adds to a brand experience. And if that voice is sometimes squeaky, sometimes loud and booming, or sometimes simply matter-of-fact, those are all part of the personality shining through – that brand experience being, well, experienced. This blog, in particular, hopes to provide some respite in a world full of visual and audible noise. I may understand more than anyone (being a marketing and communications professional) how people are inundated with thousands of messages every day; and more important, how a break from constant messaging can be well-received. Somebody gave the monkey a megaphone, and this monkey wants to entertain, embolden and sometimes enlighten his audience. (Yes, I just glossed myself in the third person.)

Since the formalities of this blog introduction are out of the way, you get an idea of what this communication will be all about – and a hint of what this site (and my business/expertise is all about). While I may not be "all about blogs," I'm certainly "all about branding" and the brand experience. Hopefully you see that already, and want to learn more through exploring this site and my studio. Plus, I'll be providing more with further writing: about blogs, branding and (mostly) no baloney.

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