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In late 1990, a wide-eyed, optimistic boy had a dream of becoming a world-famous designer and starting an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed design studio, with walls hewn from marble and fixtures made of gold. In 1991, that dream was realized when Creative Design Solutions was founded in Columbus, Ohio.

Just kidding.

While that might be how bunches of other firms describe their beginings (and far be it from me to say, "Pshaw"), CDS didn't start in a gilded building or with much pomp and circumstance. It was started based on the needs of clients who wanted a dedicated creative partner to provide them with unforgettable brand experiences. And for the last thirty-plus years, it continues to provide – combining decades of seasoned, professional services with the youthful exuberance of a nine-year-old hopped up on Mountain Dew.

" Creative Design Solutions is a multi-disciplined firm specializing in creative problem solving through solid, experienced design and communication."

Rather than go on about all the services the studio provides (which are a lot), or continuing with the history lesson (which is actually a pretty wild story), I invite you to explore this site (it's not very daunting), review the work (which IS actually award-winning), and decide for yourself whether CDS might be a good fit (it probably is). Afterwards, if you still have questions (like, "Did you really have a dead guy parked in front of your studio for two days?") or want to find out more (like whether we can partner with you to create mind-blowing, innovative results – the answer is, "Yes!"), please email or call – or even click that little 'Let's Chat' thingy at the bottom corner of your screen.

And don't get the impression that you can't afford world-changing, award-winning design services or over-the-top energy and creativity. You deserve a brand experience that is truly a grand experience. Like I often say to prospects who think about hiring their third cousin's best friend to create their logo or help build their website: "Design can be dangerous. Hire a professional before someone gets hurt."






Yup, that's me. And here is a bio that was written about me by an exec at a company I partnered with to present Brand Webinars:

Award-winning Designer, Brand Development Expert and Marketing Strategist/Tactician with disciplines in Graphic Design, Package Design, Industrial Design and Advertising. With more than thirty years of professional experience, Chris Schweitzer has been involved with every level of project management, from initial ideation to final implementation. He is a Brand Expert dedicated to innovative results and creating long-lasting partnerships.


While I'm the driving force behind the studio, I have spent 30+ years creating and nurturing a phenomenal team of pros in every industry related to Brand Experience. As a result, if I can't specifically exceed your expectations, I know someone who can. That's what creative problem solving is all about.

So, exactly what services and service packages are available?

That's a topic for another page...





CDS is Proud to be Part of the DesignRush Team

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For more information about the services and references they offer, click here.

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